Dear friends, users, followers and supporters,

we are coming to you with bit different news than usually. Recently all our apps have been removed from Google Play store and our account has been disabled, seems for good. Thus we are not able to continue in developing and supporting our whole portfolio (over 60 apps and games).

Despite immediate reaction and providing Google all relevant, what we think, information our account hasnít been recovered. Weíve been claimed to brake Google policies, mainly Impersonation and Intellectual Property ones, but without further details we are not fully sure what exactly were the issues - those details hasnít been provided to us. With such position we are not able to counter it; despite we have a lot of 3rd parties approvals and agreements, however nobody in this claim seems to be taking it into account.

Weíve come to a conclusion we are not able to continue with our work within Google environment.

Weíll provide you more information soon, here are at least some main points:

  • - we have started to work on moving our portfolio to Apple and Amazon environments
  • - we have found investor who will overtake our IPR regarding crypto apps and is ready to work with them further including development
  • - we will keep Android support on our pages until further information; so as well new investor can handle inputs/issues for future

We spent over 3 years developing crypto apps for you, our users. Many of pools and services asked us for app for them. Weíve been creating applications with joy. Also we liked your feedbacks & inputs and we had truly enjoyed this time. We believe new investor will be able to keep the level we set and has been appreciated by many of you all around the world.

We are personally sorry we canít anymore officially support apps including actualisations leaving you, our users, on your own now. It hasnít been our target and we always tried to solve all issues immediately and to give you all the support.

We are keen on continue the development, despite in different environments.

Thanks a lot for your support, we greatly appreciate it. Itís actually major reason to keep going.

More to come, please stay tuned!

Your 0A1.EU

Version of this document: 1.0.1, date 16.09.2018