Zero & One

Zero & One

Applications developer

we are a small team of creative people who can prepare applications on your demand. Let us know your idea and requirements and we will make app for you. We support community projects, crypto currency, internet of things, and also free apps and games.

What we can do for you

We can make small app for your event/festival/product. Also we can prepare viewer for your eshop with items detail. Or we also know API visualization of your sensors/devices. Just ask us for more details.

Our applications

Look at our mobile applications and games. There are some device export visualization apps, cryptocurrency monitoring application and also few games. Some of them are for small kids.

Android Developer Console

Skills and experience

We like skills and new things

Everyday we can find something interesting or special which inspirate us for learning something new.

  • Programming
  • SQL databases
  • API customization
  • UI and game design
  • Graphics experience
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Java, LUA
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • JSON, XML, CSV, Javascript
  • Analytics, Games, Screens
  • Photoshop, Gimp, Corel

We have more than 20 years of experience with small and large projects for many companies, organizations, people etc. We can help also to you.


The price of our work depends on the complexity of the project that you want. Prices listed are approximate and for your imagining.


Free Apps

If you are community, provide API, need help or have great idea, you can contact us and we can make app for free.

  • Your logo and icon
  • Info pages
  • Simple scripts
  • API connection
  • Your Google account
  • Advanced scripts
  • Custom API
  • App hosting
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Premium Apps

With this plan we can make application with custom API from any services. We are solving problems.

  • Your logo and icon
  • Info pages
  • Simple scripts
  • API connection
  • Your Google account
  • Advanced scripts
  • Custom API
  • App hosting
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Download our applications for free

Most of our applications are free to download. Just try it on your device.

List of Apps

Galaxy Raiders - space card game
Sparkpool Mining Monitor
Mining calculator - What to mine? GPUs and ASIC
Server Status Monitor
Monitor for HashVault
HiveOs - Mining System Monitor
Local Currency Converter - Money Calculator
Litecoinpool Mining Monitor
Spacepools Mining Monitor
Bitcoin News & Crypto Currency Daily News
Yiimp Balance Monitor
Altminer Balance Monitor
aHashPool Balance Monitor
Minerpool Mining Monitor
Zpool Balance Monitor
EthFans Mining Pool Monitor
Mining Pool Hub Monitor
Bitcoin & BitcoinCash Price - BTC & BCH ticker
Musicoin Mining Monitor
CoinMine Multipool Mining Monitor
UBIQ Mining Monitor
Monero Mining Monitor
Suprnova Pools Mining Monitor
Monitor for
Agent Manager for Freshdesk
Coins Worldwide Catalog
Post Stamps Worldwide Catalog
ethOS - Linux documentation
Nanopool Mining Monitor
Crypto Currency Calculator
Colours of Sepsis 2017 Ostrava
NiceHash Mining Pool Monitor
Alpereum Mining Pool Monitor
Zcash Mining Pool Monitor
Dwarfpool PRO Statistics
Android Developer Console
Dwarfpool Mining Statistics
Ethpool Statistics Monitor
ethOS - Mining System Monitor
Ethermine Pool Stats Monitor
Happy Easter Greeting Cards
Pixel Boy!
Math for Kids #2
Střelnice v České republice
Minecraft Pocket Edition Servers
Tips on free Minecraft servers
Webmaster Toolbox
Valentine's day Love cards
Free Christmas Cards
Dino's English Alphabet game
Dráčkova česká abeceda
Toplist Lite
Ostrava - zprávy z MS kraje
Antivirus News
Stodolní ulice Ostrava
Golfová hřiště ČR
Koupání v přírodě
Shapes and Colors Space game
Math for Kids