Zcash Flypool Mining Monitor

Free monitoring app for Zcash Mining Pool ( Check your pool workers

Zcash Mining Pool Monitor is free monitoring application for checking your workers on – Zcash mining pool.

Simply add your Zcash wallet in settings and you will see your mining progress. Application receive actual API data of your account on – Zcash mining pool.


★ Current Hashrate – mining speed
★ Average Hashrate (last 24h)
★ Last seen (date, min, max)
★ Unpaid balance of Zcash (ZEC)
★ Next payment time (depends on the pool settings)
★ Current Active Workers (offline/online)
★ ZEC for minute/hour/day/week/month
★ USD for minute/hour/day/week/month
★ BTC for minute/hour/day/week/month
★ Chart success of mining at the time
★ Currency Rates ZEC/BTC, BTC/USB
★ Optimalization for small and big miners
★ Pool settings info (email, IP, payment treshold)
★ Payment transactions (max. 100 last payments)
★ Average time to next payments (duration)
★ Tx link to zcash transaction explorer
★ Worker’s list – total of current worker’s hashrates
★ Hide offline workers
★ Worker’s detail page
→ Workers Id
→ Current Hashrate
→ Last seen time info
→ Shares (Invalid / Stale / Valid / % Invalid)


Please contact us with any ideas, problems, errors, etc. We will try fix a problem. Thanks a lot.



Zcash is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that offers privacy and selective transparency of transactions. Zcash payments are published on a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient, and amount of a transaction remain private.

Zcash is based on peer-reviewed cryptographic research, and built by a security-specialized engineering team on an open source platform based on Bitcoin Core’s battle-tested codebase. Our improvement over Bitcoin is the addition of privacy. Zcash uses advanced cryptographic techniques, namely zero-knowledge proofs, to guarantee the validity of transactions without revealing additional information about them.

Our zero-knowledge proving scheme makes it possible to conceal values and other identifying information from the public blockchain. Users simply prove that the values balance out and that they are not double-spending the amount they want to send.

Recent changes:
Network info
– difficulty
– hashrate
– block time
Difficulty graph
Pool info
– hashrate
– active miners, workers
– blocks / hour
– last mined block

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