Monitor for HashVault

Unofficial app for monitoring your mining on mining pool.

Monitor for

If you mine on you may need this unofficial monitoring application. We prepared it with dark theme and in HashVault cryptocurrency colours like on pool.


For every coin/pool we show these information

– total due (immature balance)
– total paid (paid balance)
– total hashes
– total hashrate
– last seen
– valid and invalid shares
– estimated earning prediction
– payments chart
– hashrate chart
– workers list
– payments history

Supported pools

– Monero (XMR)
– Aeon (AEON)
– Sumokoin (SUMO)
– Karbo (KRB)
– Electroneum (ETN)
– Intense (ITNS)
– Leviarcoin (XLC)
– Fonero (FNO)
– Edollar (EDL)
– Dero (DERO)
– Graft (GRFT)
– Masari (MSR)


– multiaccounts support
– no ads version

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