Colours of Sepsis

Professional and social program of the congress Colors of 2018 Sepsis – Sepsis Ostrava

The professional and social program of the Colors of Sepsis 2018 Ostrava

✓ Preliminary program, version 6.1.2018
✓ Detailed action program
✓ Traffic information for event and social evening
✓ Information on social dinners

Date of Colors of Sepsis

30.1. – 2.2.2018

Venue of Colors of Sepsis

Clarion Congress Hotel Ostrava

The main theme of Colors of Sepsis

☆ Sepsis Severe
☆ 5. Postgraduate Nursing Course in Intensive Care (30-31 January 2018)
☆ 15th Symposium “News in Children’s Intensive Care” (30-31 January 2018)

Sepse Ostrava – PG course Sepse and MODS
The event takes place annually in January. It has a postgraduate character and is designed for doctors and nurses who are engaged in intensive care. The organizational coordinator is the Department of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Medicine and the Department of Pediatric Intensive and Resuscitation Care of the Pediatric Clinics of the University Hospital in Ostrava. The program of the event is being prepared in close cooperation with the leading experts of CzMA JEP, SLS and Institute of Intensive Medicine in IPVZ in Ostrava.

More information

Latest versions of the program to download in PDF

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Under the auspices

Of the Ostrava University in Ostrava
Of the Faculty of Medicine of the Ostrava University in Ostrava
University Hospital in Ostrava
Czech Society of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Medicine
Slovak society of anesthesiology and intensive medicine
Czech Society of Intensive Medicine CzMA JEP
Czech Internal Medicine Society of CzMA JEP
Czech Pediatric Society of CzMA JEP
Slovak Pediatric Society
Czech Society of Clinical Nutrition and Intensive Metabolic Care
Czech Society for Accident Surgery
Czech society of bloodless medicine
Czech Society of Emergency Medicine and Disaster Medicine CzMA JEP
Slovak Society of Emergency Medicine and Disaster Medicine
Czech Immunological Society
Czech Society of Infectious Diseases CzMA JEP
Czech Hematological Society of the Czech Medical Society
Institute of Intensive Medicine in IPVZ in Ostrava
Czech Resuscitation Council
Of the Slovak Resuscitation Council
Companies for ports and permanent catheters
Professional and trade union of health workers
Czech Association of Nurses
The Slovak Chamber of Nurses and Midwives
Czech-Slovak Forum for sepsis
Czech Cardiology Society

VIP speakers

Mervyn Singer (London, UK)
Jan Wernerman (Stockholm, Sweden)
Gerard Clarke (Cork, Ireland)
Malgorzata Mikaszewska-Sokolewicz (Warsaw, Poland)
Armin Kalenka (Heppenheim, Germany)
David Linton (Jerusalem, Israel)
Finn Radtke (Nastved, Denmark)
Urban Fläring (Stockholm, Sweden)
Carolien Raats (Antwerpen, Belgium)
Karen Ruts (Antwerpen, Belgium)
Miriam Tilschner (Baden bei Wien, Austria)
Bianca Leoni (Baden bei Wien, Austria)
Sylwia Krzemińska (Wroclaw, Poland)
Adriana Borodzicz (Wroclaw, Poland)
Marta Arendarczyk (Wroclaw, Poland)
Péter Kanizsai (Budapest, Hungary)
János Fazakas (Budapest, Hungary)
Alois Philipp (Regensburg, Germany)

Colors of Sepsis Scientific Committee

Prof. MUDr. P. Ševčík, CSc. (Ostrava)
Prof. MUDr. K. Cvachovec, CSc., MBA (Prague)
Prof. MUDr. V. Černý, Ph.D., FCCM (Ústí nad Labem / Hradec Králové)
Prof. MUDr. M. Kolář, Ph.D. (Olomouc)
Prof. MUDr. J. Beneš, CSc. (Prague)
Prof. MUDr. M. Matějovič., Ph.D., (Plzeň)
Prof. MUDr. V. Šrámek, Ph.D. (Brno)
Doc. MUDr. M. Hladík, Ph.D. (Ostrava)
Doc. MUDr. R. Záhorec, CSc. (Bratislava)
Doc. MUDr. J. Firment, Ph.D. (Košice)
MUDr. J. Koutun, CSc., (Bratislava)
MUDr. T. Zaoral, Ph.D., (Ostrava)
MUDr. J. Maňák, Ph.D., (Hradec Králové)
MUDr. I. Satinský, Ph.D. (Havířov)
MUDr. P. Hon (Ostrava)
MUDr. R. Kula, CSc. (Ostrava)

Organizational Coordinator Colors of Sepsis

Department of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Medicine, FN Ostrava
Department of Pediatrics, FN Ostrava

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