CoinMine Multipool Mining Monitor

Check your mining success on Mining Pools. Balance, Workers, Payouts

CoinMine Multipool Mining Monitor

Monitoring applicationg for checking your mining statistics on Multi Pools. Watch hashrates, workers, balance, payouts and more with charts. Check your miners, mine more coins together. Just find your apikey for every your altcoin in your profile on multipool and start monitoring your rigs in your mobile.

Application is still in progress, we will greatly appreciated your feedback and ideas for better functioning.


– multipools monitoring (more coins together)
– current hashrate
– share rate
– share difficulty (for some coins could be delayed)
– workers list
– unpaid, immature and total balance
– shares info (valid, invalid)
– chart of your mining success
– mining pool information
– currency network information
– estimated earning (precalculation)
– coins Exchange rates prices
– last payouts incl. fees

Supported pools

⛏ DashCoin (DASH) mining pool
⛏ Decred (DCR) mining pool
⛏ Ethereum (ETH) mining pool
⛏ Ethereum Classic (ETC) mining pool
⛏ Expanse (EXP) mining pool
⛏ GroestlCoin (GRS) mining pool
⛏ Credits (LBC) mining pool
⛏ Peercoin (PPC) mining pool
⛏ Securecoin (SRC) mining pool
⛏ Worldcoin (WDC) mining pool
⛏ ZClassic (ZCL) mining pool
⛏ ZCash (ZEC) mining pool

We are testing this Coinmine application for these pools. We will add any other from, just contact us.


If you have any ideas, feedbacks, please contact us. We can dynamically add more pools, but we need to test it before.

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