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Application ethOS - Mining System Monitor is designed for Android devices and it provides features, which you find below.

Free app for check your mining with ethOS a 64-bit linux distro by

Check Your Hardware

Take a look on your rigs and check uptime, temperature, sysload and many other values.

Hardware details

View hardware details of every rig. GPUs info page, list of GPUs, bioses, mainboard, etc.

ethOS - Mining System Monitor

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ethOS - Mining System Monitor

Google Play Store information

Current version
Rating / 5
Requires Android
Content Rating PEGI 3

Application Features

ethOS - Mining System Monitor checks some data of your mining hardware on linux distribution ethOS by

It is necessary to control principally the temperature of your hardware to prevent overheating. This is what makes this app - show every main hardware values.


★ you can add up to 5 accounts (


★ list of all servers (rigs)
★ status of rigs
★ IPs
★ total hashrate of rig - all GPUs per rig (MH/s)
★ temperature of GPUs in Celsius
★ versions of OS
★ last seen of rig
★ mining time
★ total GPUs
★ total Hashrate for all GPUs of all rigs
★ hashrate per GPU, hashrate per Rig
★ miner software info

Detail page

★ info about GPUs temp
★ powertune info
★ core info
★ memory speed info
★ fans info
★ votage info
★ hashrate per GPU (1.0.7 above)
★ GPUs bios info
★ driver info
★ vram info
★ sysload
★ create time
★ CPU temperature
★ total of RAM
★ Free disk space

Hardware info

★ motherboard type
★ bios version
★ hardisk info
★ connected display resolution
★ network card info
★ display resolution

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